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Your time is precious. Your resources are limited. Your ministry is vital.

Jumpstart Your Sermon Planning

Biblical Foundations

We write outlines that are biblically grounded, consistent with basic Christian doctrine. You’ll be able to flesh out the specific beliefs and practices of your community as you turn our outlines into your sermons.


With over twenty years of sermon-writing and worship service planning experience, we draw upon innovation, tricks we’ve picked up along the way and the best practices of master communicators.


Some outlines will be in-depth, verse-by-verse expositions. Some will be thematically-centered. All will give your people well-rounded teaching and life application. Each sermon includes discussion questions to help groups and individuals engage the message with discipleship.

Whether you currently use a Preaching Planning Team or not, Brightly sermon outlines can accelerate the writing process. You’ll gain thoughtful ideas for main points, practical challenges, insights and creative ways to engage your people. 

The Team

Escape the Sermon-Prep Grind and Reignite Your Passion for Ministry

Brightly was founded upon the idea that all church leaders deserve help with the weekly grind of sermon writing and worship service planning. John’s experience in large and small churches has given him a heart for the ministry leader who might not have a large staff. Molly brings a youthful perspective, extraordinary depth of insight, and writing prowess. Your teaching and service planning sessions will gain people with seminary training, decades of ministry experience, a perspective from the rising generation, and a rich skill set from two talented communicators.

When You Join Brightly

Download Outline

Craft Sermons Faster


When You Join Brightly

Download Outline

Craft Sermons Faster

Breathe Easier

The Promise

At Brightly, everything we do is built around our passion for equipping pastors and Church leaders to fulfil their ministry obligations without feeling overworked, overstressed, and burdened by the demands of ministry. That’s why we’re offering you peace of mind with our Brightly Promise.  If you don’t gain time in your schedule and confidence in your weekend services, then Brightly has not achieved our goals. For that reason, we include a surprising array of resources in a membership. Sermon outlines include image graphics, video transitions and weekly discussion questions to distribute to small groups, home church settings or classes. If you choose to use Brightly outlines regularly, then your church will receive the breadth of teaching people need. We mix thematic life-wisdom series with expository messages on Bible passages, themes or books. Our hope is to reduce your stress and provide you more time to focus on other ministry goals, family time or personal health. 

Brightly will help you:

Gain more time in your schedule for other ministry goals, family time, or personal health

Gain confidence in your weekend services

Benefit from an array of ministry resources

  • Receive a breadth of biblical, practical teaching
Dramatically decrease the time it takes to prepare weekly sermons
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We all need allies in ministry who understand our calling, care about our context and bring needed tools to the table…John Emmert is on my speed dial for preaching and ministry advice when I need a consultation with a creative ally who has the ministry experience to back up what they say.

Ethan Magness, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN

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