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The most important parts of our lives are also the parts that can bring us the most pain. In fact, it seems as though they are destined to do so. Relationships fail. Bodies deteriorate. Grief can seem impossible to shake. In the Gospels we see Jesus entering lives littered with the same kinds of fear, disappointment and sadness we face today. And we see him interrupting the narrative of stress and suffering to show us that we were made for something other than hurt. We were made for wholeness. We were made for more.



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We all need allies in ministry who understand our calling, care about our context and bring needed tools to the table…John Emmert is on my speed dial for preaching and ministry advice when I need a consultation with a creative ally who has the ministry experience to back up what they say.

Ethan Magness, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN

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