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When we look at our lives with change as our goal, it’s natural to be critical. We look in the mirror and decide our bodies aren’t where they should be. We look at our calendar and decide our time management isn’t where it should be. We look at where we are and decide we should be somewhere else, or we decide we should be something else. You are here. But you want to be there. What would it look like to invite God into this conversation? What if we turned away from the judging mirror and the impossible calendar and looked to loving wisdom and eternal truth?



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We all need allies in ministry who understand our calling, care about our context and bring needed tools to the table…John Emmert is on my speed dial for preaching and ministry advice when I need a consultation with a creative ally who has the ministry experience to back up what they say.

Ethan Magness, Senior Minister, First Christian Church, Johnson City, TN

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